Green Woman's Garden

We were established in 2007 by owner and operator Karen O'Brien. Formerly located in the central Massachusetts town of Mendon, the business has moved in 2019 a little north and west to the town of Richmond, NH. Now we have almost fifty acres, and most of that is wooded. Plans are to “farm the woods” and concentrate on native plants. The dream of living in the woods is about to be realized.


  Karen has gardened for more than 40 years and is certified as a Master Gardener. She is actively involved with The Herb Society of America and the International Herb Association and serves on their boards. Herbs and native plants are available for sale, and workshops on using herbs and flowers ~ in cooking, for decorating, and in the landscape ~ are scheduled during the year, as well as celebrations of seasonal interest.


KKaren is available for lectures, demonstrations, and/or workshops and can custom design these for any age or skill level. Some of her current demonstrations/workshops are: Keeping It Green and Clean (natural cleaning products), Herbal Tipples (making your own liqueurs), Infusing Your Life with Herbs (practical projects for using herbs in everday life), Wicked Weeds (learning about plants that bedevil us), and Preserving the the Tastes of Summer (elevating your cuisine with herbs). She also does a costumed interpretation of The Stillroom, highlighting the use of herbs in 17th century life



More and more, people are going "green" and interested in returning to a healthier, more natural lifestyle. The use of herbs is not limited to culinary pursuits, though many will begin their herbal adventures in such a way.

Herbs can enhance our lives by:

  • The simple delight of fragrance
  • Attraction of beneficial insects
  • Landscape enhancement
  • Creation of homemade products
  • Decorative use ~ fresh or dried


Native Plants

We need to be more mindful of our impact on our planet. Planting natives:

  • helps link green spaces to provide safe passage for plants and pollinators 
  • increases biodiversity and a more natural environment
  • creates a more sustainable landscape, using less water, chemicals, and time
  • provides visual interest and an enduring legacy for future generations

One need not have a large expanse of space or unending time to enjoy the pleasure of herbs. Our mission is to promote the knowledge of useful plants and to foster a greater appreciation of the natural world by using them in everyday life. We believe that everyone can help provide for our pollinators and wildlife by using native plants and practicing good stewardship of our land.

Herbs and Native Plants

Offered from late April through June/July ~ concentrating on lesser known herbs, native plants, and ornamental flowers. Contact Karen for a current listing of plants - she is willing to custom grow if there is a plant you specifically want.


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Through the Year

We have had a light frost twice already - so the basils and tomatoes have become history. However, there are still herbs that are going strong - salad burnet, tarragon, sage, thyme, oregano, calendula, and even the borage and lemon mint! I harvested all the holy basil before the first frost and...

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It's September, and even though much of the garden is still producing, signs of the winding down of the growing season abound. The nights are getting cooler, the day length is shortening, and the trees and other plants are beginning to take on their autumnal color, though slowly. I have planted...

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